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Sgurd- Beginning Of The End 7” ~REPOS! - Adagio 830 - Dead Beat Records

Sgurd- Beginning Of The End 7” ~REPOS!

$ 6.49
Sgurd- Beginning Of The End 7”.  Sgurd are a new band from Italy featuring members of La Piovra, Smart Cops and Ohuzaru. Sgurd have a really cool sound that kind of falls between a lot of different genres. They remind me more than a little bit of the Repos in the way that I can hear elements of straight up early 80s hardcore in their sound along with subtle touches of pro youth crew bands like SSD and the Abused. They also have some neck-snapping tempo changes of a band like Infest, though there's no blasting here at all. If you're into Youth Attack's more intense HC bands like the Repos, Vile Gash, or Raw Nerve you should definitely give this a spin. It's a total banger. First press is limited to 300 on black viny with cool artwork by Alexander Heir. Includes insert lyrics sheet.

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