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Sgt 6 Assault - Goin' Down 7” - Rapid Pulse - Dead Beat Records

Sgt 6 Assault - Goin' Down 7”

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Sgt 6 Assault - Goin' Down 7”.  The Dummies moved to NYC in 1996, shortly after recording their full length debut on Get Hip. Months later, the band decided they hated the way their ambitiously recorded album ended up being produced. They then got lean, mean, yet remained unclean, aiming for a heavier sound. Sgt 6 took over all guitar duties, while Subarton hopped over to bass...his original weapon of choice. As a three piece, the band changed their name to the Sgt 6 Assault to drop the sloppy garage moniker/stigma. Their goal: create the sound of true drug-addled, hate-inspired, precision punk rock in the form of one minute tunes...the sound that began echoing within the minds of these once-rural-now-urban transplantees. They first released a 5 song 7" EP through their own label, 007 Records; uncorked the second as a ltd issue, one-sided jukebox single; then cut a tune for Philadelphia's Carbon 14 Magazine. For their fourth release, the Assault recorded 2 cuts just prior to their collapse, which was originally intended for Bag of Hammers Records...this never came to fruition. Years later, Rapid Pulse Records rectifies the situation, seeing that the public finally get to consume this last effort. Recorded in Brooklyn 1997- "Goin' Down On You" is one minute twelve seconds of fierce garagePUNK and the flip is a blazing cover of the Slaughter and the Dogs classic "The Bitch"!

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