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BAD PARENTS- Purple Heart 7" ~LTD TO 100! - Secret - Dead Beat Records

BAD PARENTS- Purple Heart 7" ~LTD TO 100!

$ 6.00

BAD PARENTS- Purple Heart 7".  With the Bad Parents the guitars are in charge here and all the squeal and teeter draws radical curves and unexpected turns.  They’ve got a catchy post punk sound- by weaving catchy intertwining guitar leads with deep introspective lyrics creating something that’s pretty unique.  Wire, Gang Of Four, Electric Eels and Pagans fans will dig.   3 tunes on this one, and worth it for the A side alone.  Total burner.  Pre Gestapo Khazi. THIS IS THE LIMITED SCREEN PRINTED EDITION OF THIS SINGLE, LIMITED TO 100 COPIES.  Way different than the standard xerox edition that's much more common.

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