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School Jerks- S/T LP - Grave Mistake - Dead Beat Records

School Jerks- S/T LP

$ 11.49

School Jerks- S/T LP. Newest ripper from School Jerks that contain ex members of Terminal State.  Many have said they hear alot of Regulations in their sound, but these ears don’t hear it.   I most certainly do hear 'Inside my Brain' era Angry Samoans and 'Jealous Again' era Black Flag all painted with some really shifty and fierce guitar playing.  This is snotty no frills ’81 hardcore worship, really basic and to the point, exactly the way it should be! This comes off with a more honest feel due in part to the mostly raw delivery of the music. It’s so rare that I hear a new hardcore record and get overly excited about it to the point that I just have to play it on repeat. This is one of those records for me and I think you’ll agree.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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