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BULEMICS- 'Burn Baby Burn' 7" - Scarey - Dead Beat Records

BULEMICS- 'Burn Baby Burn' 7"

$ 6.00

BULEMICS- 'Burn Baby Burn' 7". Savage I spit on your face punk rock from these veran rockers from Texas. First new recordings in years and possibly their best material ever.  4 tracks of angry, self destructive, crude & dangerous punk rock.  3 originals and a seering Crue cover that only the Bulemics could pull off.  This is punk rock that would rather kick you in the face than shake your hand!  For fans of: The Dwarves, Germs, Black Flag, Poison Idea, Dead Boys, Circle Jerks, 13Th Victim, Dayglo Abortions, Antiseen, Zeke and GG Allin.  THIS SINGLE WAS LIMITED TO 300 COPIES, SO GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!

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