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Sandy City - Nice Hat! 7" ~THE WIPERS! - Party Nogg! - Dead Beat Records

Sandy City - Nice Hat! 7" ~THE WIPERS!

$ 5.99

Sandy City - Nice Hat! 7". Rippin jammer from Washington State. The A-side track is an oldies-style mid-tempo song about hanging out on a beach, kind of similar to what you would expect out of NODZZZ or BABIES but not as smooth, more herky-jerky. First track on the B-side is actually a good song. It's an up-tempo indie tune but with a WIPERS-style guitar riff that does in fact rule. Third song in an attempt to be that party anthem that everyone sings along to, with lyrics telling you tonight is the night and how you should party. All in all, the record was very enjoyable.

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