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Sakes Alive!! - Act I 7” ~ LTD 400 MARBLE WAX! - Barrett - Dead Beat Records

Sakes Alive!! - Act I 7” ~ LTD 400 MARBLE WAX!

$ 5.99

Sakes Alive!! - Act I 7”.  Sakes Alive!! have a less polished, more jagged feel and definately have a more original sound than most of their contmeporries providing some of the most edgy and angry vocals you'll hear on a punk record. The anger and bile adds greatly to the feel of the record as the band conveys their thoughts in the most forthright, uncompromising manner, preferring wordy verses to instantly forgetable slogans.  Reminds me alot of Propaghandi and I Spy from the mid 90’s if you remember those guys.  Really tough yet slight melodic punk rock with some of the better snarling vocals I’ve heard in the genre.   Pretty cool intrigueing cover art too!  LIMITED TO 400 COPIES WORLD WIDE ON PURPLE MARBLE WAX!!!

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