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The SAFES  -'Boogie Woogie Rumble' CD - Pro Vel - Dead Beat Records

The SAFES -'Boogie Woogie Rumble' CD

$ 10.00

The SAFES  -'Boogie Woogie Rumble' CD.  If you took a bunch of guitars, drums, amps, and microphones and kicked them down a few flights of stairs, you'd come pretty close to duplicating what The Safes have achieved on this CD.   Chicago's O'Malley brothers (Frankie, Michael, and Patrick) and drummer Doug James hit the ground running with "Mind Meltdown" and it all zips by in a near-breathless, spiralling, dizzying rush, only stopping along the way for scrap parts from the punk junkyard.   With brash confidence, The Safes wield three chords that kick like a mule and buzz like those African killer bees that were supposedly on their way to the States a while back. Barflies looking for a touchstone may find solace in slotting these guys somewhere between the types of 60's US garage/punk bands memorialized on endless Pebbles and Nuggets compilations and snarling 70's anti-heroes like the Dead Boys.   Great disc for people into stuff like the TEENGENERATE, OBLIVIANS, GORIES OR RIP OFFS.

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