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Rupture with Jeff Clayton(Antiseen)/Nerds- Split CD - Scarey - Dead Beat Records

Rupture with Jeff Clayton(Antiseen)/Nerds- Split CD

$ 10.50

Rupture with Jeff Clayton(Antiseen)/Nerds- Split CD.  RUPTURE have been one of the most prolific hardcore punk bands that Australia had to offer in the past decade. Dedicated, crazy and out of control like a bunch of amphetamine hooked kangaroos, they released numerous Cds, Lps and single releases before their singer Gus Chamber died 5 years ago. Since then, the beast have been put to rest… until Scarey Records came to wake them up. So here are 15 Rupture songs that had been recorded before Gus passed away and were missing the vocal tracks.  Now the songs have been dug up and put on reel again, with substantial vocal contribution from The Boss of Italy’s The Nerds Rock Inferno, and Jeff Clayton from ANTiSEEN. Aggressive, raw and mean Rock N Roll, the way Gus would have wanted them!!  Songs about booze, rock, chicks, dope… and apes, of course.  To close it all off you get 6 new tracks from The Nerds Rock Inferno, Italy’s purveyors of fast, angry Rock n Roll in the vein of ANTiSEEN, Brodays Militia and Rancid Vat.  A must for any past or present Rupture fan and another atomic bomb from Scarey Records, ready to detonate your stereo!! 

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