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Romeo's Dead/ The Burdens split 7" - Pelado - Dead Beat Records

Romeo's Dead/ The Burdens split 7"

$ 5.99

Romeo's Dead/ The Burdens split 7".  Josh Rutledge sees this as a ROMEO’S DEAD record, but I reckon THE BURDENS have a bigger following. Red hot ’77 punk with sing along choruses in an ANGELIC UPSTARTS vein from the Burdens. Two big poppy punk rock hits with a gritty street flavor. ROMEO’S DEAD play things faster and snottier with a similar level of poppiness.  Raw glammy Rock N Roll is the name of the game for ROMEO’S DEAD, and they play it well.  Kind of reminds me of American Heartbreak at times.   A wonderful revved up and messed up pairing.  RELEASED ON THE LONG DEFUNCT PELADO RECORDS AND WAY OUT OF PRINT!

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