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CAPITAL SCUM- Freak Show 7" - RNR Radio - Dead Beat Records

CAPITAL SCUM- Freak Show 7"

$ 6.00

CAPITAL SCUM- Freak Show 7.  Capital Scum, the founders of the Hageland Hardcore movement are back.  Capital Scum is an old-school band in the true sense of the word. They started in the early eighties and have 5 songs on the legendary “Alle 24 Goed” compilation from 1985. After that compilation they released a 7” in 1986 and a full length in 1987 before calling it quits in ’88. After a long, long wait, Capital Scum are back with this 7", which is actually their first release in about 15 years!  What we got here are 7 tracks of old school hardcore, recorded at the home studio of Bart Agitator.  If you're a fan of  early Agnostic Front, Koro, Larm or early DRI, this ones a must have.  IT WAS LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND IS LONG OUT OF PRINT!!

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