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Ripcord- Discogrpahy Part 3 LP - Epistrophy - Dead Beat Records

Ripcord- Discogrpahy Part 3 LP

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Ripcord- Discogrpahy Part 3 LP.  RIPCORD are among my all time favorites!! Influenced by brutal US bands like Siege and Negative Approach, they managed to create a sound of their own by melting together early US HC with their UK roots and were among the best bands that came from this island called Great Britain in the late 80's.   This is the third part of their discography series. This 22 song LP features songs that have been taken from almost opposite ends of Ripcord's recorded works from `86 to `88. The LP starts off with their strongest material ever, in my opinion, the tunes they layed down for the peel sessions.  Brutal whirlwind hc with excellent timing and gruff vocals. Then follows a demo that documents the "Defiance Of Power" LP but much more raw. Side 2 features a demo that was recorded 3 month's before (!) their famous Flexi 7". Excellent stuff to complete their historical discography!  The LP also includes three previously unreleased songs and is a must for the Ripcord fan!

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