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RF7- 'Addictions & Heartache' CD - Puke N Vomit - Dead Beat Records

RF7- 'Addictions & Heartache' CD

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RF7- 'Addictions & Heartache' CD.  RF7 are one of So. Cal's unsung punk heroes.  God it's nice to hear somebody playing hardcore properly: with aggression, passion, balls, and brilliance. The songs here capture an urgency without resorting to tuneless screaming. The vocals come from the gut, the lyrics are far from the usual generic junk, and the pace is fast despite the fact that these So Cal veterans have been doing  it since 1979.  RF7 has soldiered on for well over two decades and not because of any delusions of that big contract being right around the corner.  But because it is in their blood to play this raw, untamed music. Putting up the instrumental muscle on this release, RF7's eighth full length, is a group of veteran hardcore musicians who lived through the first wave, and show us all how it's done.  15 tracks of seminal So. Cal punk!  RECCOMENDED!!

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