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REMO VOOR- 'Toilet Love' 7" - Rich Bitch - Dead Beat Records

REMO VOOR- 'Toilet Love' 7"

$ 10.50

REMO VOOR- 'Toilet Love' 7".  Re-Release of the classic Toilet Love singles that sells for about $100 a pop on e bay theyse days!!! The single includes a new LOUDER version of Tolet Love and Frog Grammar, as the original pressing was noticabely quiet.   Remo Voor were a german based punk band from 1979 and released this groundbreaking debut 7" on Strawberry Records back in the day.   "Toilet Love" and "Frogrammer" are both booted on one of the Killed By Death’s and one of the songs is also on Bloodstains across Germany. CLOCKCLEANER made a cunning cover-version of Remo Voor's Froggrammar.  THIS SINGLE IS LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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