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REGAL- Possible Endings LP ~DEADLY SNAKES! - Frantic City - Dead Beat Records

REGAL- Possible Endings LP ~DEADLY SNAKES!

$ 11.99

REGAL- Possible Endings LP.  Ahhhh…The French! They love their off-kilter garage and Regal certainly aren’t an exception. Sonically, Regal reminds me of the countrified era-Teasers having a hoedown barn burner with a more rural Black Lips. The slip n’ slide guitar play and the blessed dry vocals drench each tune and they do it well. Tracks such as “Palestine” and “Fox” bring the Golden Boys or Demons Claws to the forefront of my lobes, but decks ‘em out with a bit of that Glue Wave weirdness that the Frogs can do so well. Deadly Snakes will be all over this one.


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