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Red Red Red- Mind Destroyer LP - Big Neck - Dead Beat Records

Red Red Red- Mind Destroyer LP

$ 11.99

Red Red Red- Mind Destroyer LP.  First of all this is by and far one of THEE best punk records I've heard in a long time.  This is Ryan from the Piranhas new band and he's totally outdone himself this time.  Bursting off the turntable at first with "Disconnected" it's a fury of white-hot guitar driven punk that barely stops to breath. Recorded over the course of a year and a half, you get a few different recording styles, some with a bigger drum sound than others, but all with amped-out guitar squeal and hoarse static-laden vox. Take the first Piranhas 7" and imagine if they worked backwards from there into a more primal punk-rock band. "Crash" and "Send Help" are great mid-temp favorites, but this thing reaches it's peak with the closing three-song salvo of "Head On", "Meltdown" and "Mind Destroyer", a trio of angry and chaotic explosions that are total physical and musical deconstructions.  Awesome record.

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