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Red Wedding- Anthology 1981-1985 LP ~REISSUE! - Killed By Disco - Dead Beat Records

Red Wedding- Anthology 1981-1985 LP ~REISSUE!

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Red Wedding- Anthology 1981-1985 LP.  Red Wedding debuted at the Brave Dog on Saturday, June 13, 1981. Fans expected a revamped Hey Taxi, the original punk incarnation of the band, but were in for a shock. Gone was the angry and fast-paced power punk, replaced with mysterious, trance-like glammy rock songs. Gone was the punk attire, replaced with ruffled tuxedo shirts, makeup and earrings. And in the biggest transformation of all, gone was Michael the hyperactive clown, replaced with Michael the dark and aloof doomed romantic. Primarily because of their glamorous look and exotic apparel, Red Wedding was immediately labeled New Romantic, a term the band neither embraced nor rejected. In June of 1982 Red Wedding relesed their first EP "Up and Down the Aisle” and in late October of 1984 they released their second single “Nails” on Important Records. In March of 1985, Red Wedding recorded four songs for their third untitled EP wich was by far Red Wedding's best and most important work to date. But unfotunatately that release never saw the light of day. In May of 1985, after four years with no interest from a major label, frustrated with having to deal with the jaded Hollywood scene, and burnt out from drugs and alcohol, Red Wedding called it quits. This reissue compiles all of their recorded work during their brief 4 year exsitence including a few songs that were never officially released. THIS LP IS LIMITED TO ONLY 400 COPIES!



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