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Red Hex- Shoulda Known 7” ~KILLER! - No Manufacturer - Dead Beat Records

Red Hex- Shoulda Known 7” ~KILLER!

$ 5.49

Red Hex- Shoulda Known 7”. A dirty, catchy little rock single from Tacoma, WA that is pleasantly ominous. The A-side sounds like they’ve been studying the early Hunches singles - mining Detroit bloodlines that manage to be both danceable and hostile. The guitarwork is much more conventional than that comparison might suggest, but it suits the band well. A nice hooky descending riff bolsters the chorus that’ll stick with you for a little while. “Down in the Dirt” is certainly phrased in Ty Segallness, but you can tell these guys are staring at the bleak rainy coast of the Puget instead of anything as cheery as the California coastline. Bonus for really slick and attractive label design. HAND NUMBERED OUT OF 500 COPIES!

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