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Red Death- Permanent Exile LP ~COC! - Grave Mistake - Dead Beat Records

Red Death- Permanent Exile LP ~COC!

$ 11.99

Red Death- Permanent Exile LP.  D.C. shit-rippers Red Death exist at that beautiful place where old-school hardcore and thrash metal become the exact same thing. Their new album Permanent Exile is an absolute monster, and it sounds like a flying-V guitar that’s been soaked in rabies-infected blood. Influences on Permanent Exile range from Negative Approach to The Accused to DRI to Anti-Cimex including facets of hardcore, punk and metal into something pretty cool. With members of Coke Bust that should give you an idea of where these guys are going, but Red Death seems to be indulging the crossover vibes a bit more. You can definitely hear the direct influence of Animosity-era COC on a track like "Perpetrator". Good stuff.

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