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Real Turds- S/T 7" - Red Lounge - Dead Beat Records

Real Turds- S/T 7"

$ 6.99

Real Turds- S/T 7".  Another new band on our Label...why??? Because it is the Real Turds!! Featuring Tex Dixigas, known to CRIME KAISERS fans as the main vocals on their song "Dixistomp" this is incestious garage  connected to the Crime Kaisers. Recorded by Pierre Legere in his Band own KAISERSTYLE STUDIO, this is an Organ-grinding Garage Punk double a-sider. Self pened hits like "Demons BBQ" or the wild winning "I'm a Real Turd" make you wonderwhy not all Krauts can display such a thrilling sound and humor?!!? This is just trashy raw, sloppy rock n roll. The way it was meant to be played!! 

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