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REAL LOSERS- 'Time To Lose' CD - Wrench - Dead Beat Records

REAL LOSERS- 'Time To Lose' CD

$ 11.49

REAL LOSERS- 'Time To Lose' CD.  You can see the quality of some bands just by looking at the sleeve of their records. The Real Losers are one of them.  When I saw this album I knew it must be good. But this is not just good, this is really greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.  Takin cues from mid 90s bands like the Rip Offs, Teengenerate, Oblivians and the Coyote Men; the Real Losers have created a trash rock masterpiece.  Well I'm sure you've heard about these guys, and this is the album that gained them all the notoriety.  Killer lo fi sloppy garage punk from start to finish.  The LP's been outta print for years, so get this bad boy while ya can.   Fans of the Catholic Boys, Lids, Oblivians, Rip Offs, Teengenerate etc. will cream for this one.  Top notch slop n roll here.

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