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Raw Power- 'Screams From The Gutter' LP - Toxic Shock - Dead Beat Records

Raw Power- 'Screams From The Gutter' LP

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Raw Power- 'Screams From The Gutter' LP.  RAW POWER "Screams from the Gutter" In an interesting bit of Euro-American hardcore fraternity.  It was the debut album by this Italian punk band in what would become a long history in the Italian punk scene.  When Screams came out in 1984 it was certainly the first Italian HC record to get wide attention in the world of punk, outside of Italy, particularly in the U.S. as it was released by a U.S. label cuz it was recorded in Indianapolis two thirds into RAW POWER's first U.S. tour. Paul Mahern of Zero Boys produced it at the studio he worked at. It was recorded in one day.  On "Screams from the Gutter", Raw Power plays frantic guitar gnashing hardcore most notably on killer songs like "Hate," "Nihilist," "Bastard" and "My Boss".  Mauro's careful diction makes his vocals clearer and more understandable than many American vocalists.  A powerful piece of HC history here folks! 

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