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V/A- New Kids On The Block  7" - Randy - Dead Beat Records

V/A- New Kids On The Block 7"

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V/A- New Kids On The Block  7".  Compilation of new jacks on the new jack Randy Records label. Denton's Bad Sports (ex Wax Museums) kick off the festivities with one of their stronger songs, sounding like a punky Marked Men. Decent cut from some career minor leaguers. Columbus' Day Creeper bat in the two hole, and contribute a nice lo-fi number with an organ accent, sort of an unhinged pop style. Very likeable. Eric & The Happy Thoughts kick of Side B with another AM radio anthem with a good hook, reminds me a little of a Touch-Me-Nots song. Great tune. Bradford Trojan bats clean-up for the comp and does a near acapella doo-wop-ish number which sounds pretty great. Bradford croons backed by some girls la-la-la-la-ing throughout and some vague drums/handclaps. Was that a cymbal or did someone drop a pan in the kitchen where they were recording? Nice gently plucked guitar part as well. Best song of the bunch! I'd like to hear more from this weirdo, who has apparently been kicking around Tucson for some time, and has a Nobunny connection somewhere along the line for all of you fans of the lepus.  HAND NUMBERED OUT OF 500 COPIES!! 

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