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Räjäyttäjät- Tulee Taas 7” ~RARE WHITE WAX! - White Denim - Dead Beat Records

Räjäyttäjät- Tulee Taas 7” ~RARE WHITE WAX!

$ 5.99

Räjäyttäjät- Tulee Taas 7”.  Just when you thought rock and roll was a tame museum artifact, Finland's Räjäyttäjät show up with the fearless idiocy of a dozen Ted Nugents. Räjäyttäjät combine the classic proto-punk toughness of Ebba Grön, the despicable behavior of Tampax and the incendiary guitar work of Chuck Berry into Finland's most ferocious export, now two albums into the game and only getting better. Their songs on this single are fist-pumping and beer-splashing anthems, bolstered by a bizarre fidelity that no one fully understands. Another winner from these Finnish cretins. All hail Räjäyttäjät! THESE ARE LIMITED TO 516 COPIES ON WHITE WAX!

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