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Radio Beats- Ready To Shake CD - Big Neck - Dead Beat Records

Radio Beats- Ready To Shake CD

$ 11.00
Radio Beats- Ready To Shake CD.  When the Radio Beats got a copy of "Ready to Shake" back from sending it out to be mastered, the first thing they did was compare it to the loudest records they could think of -- Iggy Pop's insanely loud and lethal remix of "Raw Power" from the '90s and Guitar Wolf's in-the-red "Jet Generation." "That was the standard," says bassist Steve Beat. "So it's hilariously loud. But "Ready to Shake" is more than loud. It's also really fast. They blaze through 12 explosive blasts of rust-belt garage-punk in just under 21 minutes, like the early New Bomb Turks in heat as crossed with Anderson's heroes the Devil Dogs. And it sounds like they're playing a party in your basement, right next to the keg.

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