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Psycho/Blood- Split 7" ~RARE GREY WAX! - Fudgeworthy - Dead Beat Records - 1

Psycho/Blood- Split 7" ~RARE GREY WAX!

$ 7.49
Psycho/Blood- Split 7".  Psycho was started in 1981 by Johnny X and Bill Normal in Boston, MA and the band has gone through numerous lineup changes over the years with the current lineup being arguably the best with Johnny X (Guitar, Vocals), Mike (Bass, Vocals), and Charlie Infection (Drums, Vocals). Their sound has changed over the years as well from standard punk ('81-83), to hardcore punk ('84-'91), to hardcore punk/grind ('92-'94), back to hardcore punk (present time). Similar artists that have gone through stylistic changes, but maintain a unique sound playing mostly loud agressive music are D.R.I., Discharge, Napalm Death, Black Flag. This is Psycho’s super rare split single with German death grinders Blood and is very hard to find these days. These are on the LIMITED GREY WAX!

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