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Psycho- ‘86 - ‘91 CD + DVD SET ~REISSUE - Ax/ction - Dead Beat Records - 1

Psycho- ‘86 - ‘91 CD + DVD SET ~REISSUE

$ 12.99
Psycho- ‘86 - ‘91 CD + DVD SET.  Psycho was started in 1981 by Johnny X and Bill Normal in Boston, MA and the bands sound has changed over the years from standard punk ('81-83), to hardcore punk ('84-'91), to hardcore punk/grind ('92-'94), back to hardcore punk (present time). This reissue is a cool Psycho retrospecitive including all of the material they recorded between 1986 - 1991. This ressue includes their songs from the ‘You Love Us, You Hate Us’ LP, the ‘Riches And Fame’ LP, the songs from the ‘Fuck Off Live 7” and the Psycho songs from their split 7” with Out Cold along with two completely unreleased tracks. There’s also a DVD included with a killer Psycho live set at T.T.'s in Cambridge, MA on September 12th 1987. It’s a pretty awesome live video with two camera angles and alot of the early hits.

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