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Prima Donna- Living In Sin 7" ~100 PRESSED ON BLACK WAX! - Wanda - Dead Beat Records

Prima Donna- Living In Sin 7" ~RAREST BLACK WAX LTD TO 100!

$ 7.49

Prima Donna- Living In Sin 7".  If bands were rewarded for the work they actually do, then PRIMA DONNA would be internationally renowned Rock Stars by now! Of course they’ve done pretty well touring with ADAM ANT and GREEN DAY, and this new single helps solidfy their legacy. This is a pretty hard to find release as it was released in Germany to help them on their European tour. “Living In Sin” offers us a perfect mix of 70s glam rock and 60s power pop, killer guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. And on the flip “Rubbish” displays a more Rock N Roll side of the band with CHUCK BERRY guitars, LITTLE RICHARD piano and the energy of The DICTATORS! I’ve never been disappointed with PRIMA DONNA, and this killer new single doesn’t change that veiwpoint. One of the best bands in America these days playing straight up Rock N Roll. THIS IS THE RAREST EDTION OF THIS SINGLE!  THERE ARE 200 COPIES OF THESE ON SPLIT BLACK/RED COLORED WAX AND ONLY 100 COPIES ON JUST BLACK WAX. THIS IS THE RARE BLACK VINYL VERSION!  Import from Germany on Wanda Records.

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