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Pretty Worms- Acid 7” ~ RARE 100 COPIES PRESSED! - 8OCTOPUS - Dead Beat Records

Pretty Worms- Acid 7” ~ RARE 100 COPIES PRESSED!

$ 6.49

Pretty Worms- Acid 7”. Strange little platter here. Crazed and noisy punk wreckage and random collage action straight outta murdersville! Rabid vocals, fuzz bass, no fucking guitar, plenty of distortion. Inside-out cut, and six bonus locked grooves on side A. Ya I said locked grooves motherfuckers. Side B is a slower, pretty-ish one that erupts midway-through into what sounds like a nasty car crash, ambulances and everything. If you're looking for something different, here it is! Fans of Chrome, the Electric Eels or the Lost Sounds will dig. VERY RARE 7” LIMITED TO ONLY 100 COPIES PRESSED ON WHITE VINYL WITH A HAND SILK SCREENED SLEAVE! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!

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