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F- You Are An EP/Mess You Up LP ~LIMITED TO 333! - Puke N Vomit - Dead Beat Records

F- You Are An EP/Mess You Up LP ~LIMITED TO 333!

$ 12.49

F- You Are An EP/Mess You Up LP.  Here it is the long awaited re-release of one of the most collectible Hardcore-Punk records to ever come out of Floridda in 1983, F "You are an EP." Complete with original artwork and controversial sleeve inserts, and re-mastered here for the very first time. F was the focal point of the Hardcore scene stemming out of South Florida, adored and hated by punks across the US because of their pro-Ronald Reagan stance and as tongue-in-cheek as you can get. F was one of those bands where if you weren't smart enough to "get it," you wanted to kick their ass. But F was too busy kicking ours, with great releases such as "You are an EP", Florida's first 12" Punk vinyl release, "Mess you up", F's debut on the notorious Mystic Records label, and the single "Attack" which appeared on Flipside's Vinyl Fanzine #1 Compilation alongside such greats as The DICKIES, TSOL, SCREAM and GBH. This amazing reissue includes all of those recordings in their entirety, plus a few bonus tracks thrown in ... F was a band who never cared, existed merely to tick off everyone, and disappeared in a matter of 5 years. AS THE STICKER ON THE FRONT SAYS, THIS IS LIMITED TO ONLY 333 HAND NUMBERED COPIES. 

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