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PNEUMONIAS- Automatic Pistol 7" - Frantic City - Dead Beat Records

PNEUMONIAS- Automatic Pistol 7"

$ 6.50

PNEUMONIAS- Automatic Pistol 7".  Third single by this Snot Rock trio from La Rochelle, France.  They dish out 4 new wild tracks...think Ramones, Kids, Angry Samoans or Rip Offs! First record with the new line-up, recorded by Lo'Spider who’s recorded a bunch of stuff for the Magnetix. Sounds like a heavier Four Slicks, pushing the muscled up hot-roddy garage. Four high octane tracks here. Kinda got a mid-Ninteies Rip Off vibe as well.  This thing is mastered LOUD. I wish more records roared off the table like this one.  LIMTED TO 500 COPIES AND NOW OUT OF PRINT!!!

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