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Pizza Hi Five/Powercup- Split 10" - Rad Girlfriend - Dead Beat Records

Pizza Hi Five/Powercup- Split 10"

$ 11.49

Pizza Hi Five/Powercup- Split 10". Powercup are a Canadian duo who's whole schtick is lyrics based on powertools and home renovation. Wait, come back! I swear this is non-ironically awesome! Powercup's side is some of the most enjoyably fun grindcore I've heard all year. Backing them are Dayton, OH’s Pizza Hi Five who’ve been getting alot of attention and praise these days. They guys play fast as fuck, and heavy as fuck mince/grind. , Pizza Hi-Five, like Powercup, are instantly enjoyable and likable. Definitely more of a visceral band, with a guitar sound that’s as thick as molten mozzarella cheese. Great split to grind your fucking face off.

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