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Pierced Arrows- In My Brain 7" ~DEAD MOON!

Pierced Arrows- In My Brain 7" ~DEAD MOON!

$ 8.49

Pierced Arrows- In My Brain 7". Legendary Oregon garage punk couple Fred and Toody Cole spent years putting out some seriously dirty garage jams with their old band, Dead Moon, but called it quits just a few years ago. For 20 years, the Coles and drummer Andrew Loomis slogged through the underground, delivering unparalleled sets of ragged Northwest garage punk as Dead Moon. And their strict DIY ethic and age (the Coles are nearing 60) made them role models for how to maintain a band with integrity. This is the Pierced Arrows debut single and is just as powerful as the last few Dead Moon records.  These are getting harder to find to find these days.

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