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Phantom Limbs- 'Random Hymns' LP - Hungry Eye - Dead Beat Records

Phantom Limbs- 'Random Hymns' LP

$ 11.00

Phantom Limbs- 'Random Hymns' LP.  The Phantom Limbs successfully mined the early San Francisco “no wave” scene and turn of the decade punk to conjure up their own unsettling racket. Having already secured their place in Bay Area music lore through their frenetic live shows and deranged antics, the Phantom Limbs have gained converts throughout the world with their previous two full lengths and their numerous tours. This LP, their last before an undetermined hiatus might very well be their curtain call. Crazed carnival punk—imagine the Germs meets Big Black meets the SCREAMERS.  THIS LP WAS LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND IS LONG OUT OF PRINT!!

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