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PHANTASM- 'Wreckage' LP - Deep Six - Dead Beat Records

PHANTASM- 'Wreckage' LP

$ 11.99

PHANTASM- 'Wreckage' LP.  Is there any old timer around who could have imagined to see a PHANTASM album released one day? After all this act existed for like one year or so, released a demo (produced by Bill Metoyer) and did a couple of shows on the west coast, and never did anything else studiowise.  It was hard to imagine that somebody would release an album (on both formats, cd and vinyl!) from such an underground outfit. But thanks to the interest of Deep Six and the work of Katon, here we have an album that features that somewhat legendary six song tape from '86 (which features drumming courtesy of Gene Hoglan) and a soundboard show from March 1987 when the band supported NUCLEAR ASSAULT on a couple of dates. As you know by now the band featured Katon W De Pena who went on to form HIRAX, Ron McGovney formerly from METALLICA and three other young and unknown musicians. Fans of HIRAX, DARK ANGEL and SLAYER will dig.

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