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PHANTOM LIGHTS- 'Chordae Tendinae' 10" Ex Hunches - Hovercraft - Dead Beat Records

PHANTOM LIGHTS- 'Chordae Tendinae' 10" Ex Hunches

$ 11.00

PHANTOM LIGHTS- 'Chordae Tendinae' 10".  All start line up here including long standing female contributors to the Portland Art/Punk scene over the last few years. The band conatains Sarah Epstein from The Hunches, Manisone Ratts from Pizza Party and Amy Sabin from Krav Maga,the Units, and the Slips. For my money, the Phantom Lights are one of the the best all-girl bands I’ve heard in a long time! The three ladies trade instruments, each takes turns at the mic, and every permutation spits out its own kinky signature, from dark '80s pop and Punky Garage to some dissident, spaced-out shit. Brings to mind some of the early Kill Rock Stars alumni like Huggy Bear and Bikini Kill with a bit more rock n roll angst!! LIMITED PRESSING OF 500 COPIES!!


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