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Peace Corpse- Terror Of Quincy LP - Toxic Shock - Dead Beat Records

Peace Corpse- Terror Of Quincy LP

$ 10.99

Peace Corpse- Terror Of Quincy LP.  From the deepest, Darkest corners of the Toxic Shock vaults comes this lil gem.  This LP pairs the best tracks from 1985’s ‘Terror Of History’ LP  and the complete Quincy 7” EP from 1983.  Why they didn’t put the whole of Terror of History on this album is a mystery to me but I know that Bill from Peace Corpse wasn’t very happy with that record in hindsight. My favorite song from that record is included on here though, “Mental Malady” which was the most important one to choose if you ask me.  The LP comes packaged in a full color jacket and is housed in a two-sided printed inner sleeve with photos, lyrics, and credits. The entire package was very nicely done and the record itself sounds fantastic and much cleaner than I remember the originals sounding.  I had no idea this was coming out so it was a really great surprise to get one and I’m ecstatic that this music is once again available on the superior format after being unavailable for more than two decades.  I'm glad they stuck with the awesome Pushead artwork for the cover too. Features a young Eric Wood (Man Is the Bastard, etc.) on bass.

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