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Peace Or Annihilation- Fear Control LP - Shogun - Dead Beat Records

Peace Or Annihilation- Fear Control LP

$ 11.99

Peace Or Annihilation- Fear Control LP. Debut vinyl LP from this raging Indonesian crust band. Obviously inspired by Discharge and Disclose, this is some bruising, punishing d-beat with metal tinges. The rhythms remind me more than a little bit of Sacrilege, but the music is much more straightforward and direct than that band's metal-inspired sound. Still, there's a lot going on here... great riffs, bruising rhythms and absolutely feral vocals that are right up there with Disclose themselves. Definitely one of the better noisy crust releases I've heard in a while... if you're spinning records by old bands like Anti-Cimex or modern ones like Bloodkrow Butcher and Beesthoven, then this one's for you.

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