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Operation Ivy- Plea For Peace 7" - Unknown - Dead Beat Records

Operation Ivy- Plea For Peace 7"

$ 9.99

Operation Ivy- 'Plea For Peace' 7". OK Operation Ivy fans, this ones for you!!  Side A contains cuts from Operation Ivy's unreleased 1987 demo.  It was recorded at Gilman St. on 8/24/87 by Brian Edge and includes a searing Blasters cover.  The B Side contains TWO unused cuts from the "Hectic" EP sessions.  They were recorded in November 1987 at Dangerhouse Rhythm in Oakland and were engineered and mixed by Kevin Army and were produced by Kevin and Lint.  The insert is pretty sweet.  It includes a nice lengthy history of the early days of the the band including some funny tour stories.  This is an absolute must for all Rancid and Operation Ivy fans.  Great slice of the early East Bay punk scene and way out of print.

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