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Old Flings- Spite LP - Self Aware - Dead Beat Records

Old Flings- Spite LP

$ 11.49

Old Flings- Spite LP.  This is a pretty rockin’ album. It’s got catchy hooks and riffs for days and you’re going to wake up at some point humming “Merry Go Round.” It’s going to happen. The vocals sound rich and at some points bring out a Morrissey-esque feel to them (“Studded Jackets” and “Couch Song” immediately come to mind). The rest of it screams with ‘90s alt-rock zeal and is a well-traveled trip down memory lane. This record has a charm to it far beyond any stylistic category that I can put it in, but any fan of stuff like Nirvana, Superchunk, Tsunami and REM will dig this one. Really catchy songs.

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