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OINGO BOINGO- 'Marching In Time' LP - Polyrhym - Dead Beat Records

OINGO BOINGO- 'Marching In Time' LP

$ 15.99

OINGO BOINGO- 'Marching In Time' LP.  Although Oingo Boingo was often compared to Devo throughout their career (due to both bands' affinity for quirky new wave, goofy stage acts, and most obviously, peculiar yet intriguing band names), Oingo Boingo never obtained the mainstream success that Devo did. But the band did manage to obtain a large and devoted fan base primarily amongst the punk/new wave scene, especially in their hometown of Los Angeles, CA.  This album is a collection of previously unreleased, rare and hard to find material from 1980- 1986 and is required listening for any Oingo Boingo fan!  Track list includes: "Marching in Time", "Freak Show", "Lost Like This", "Hold Me Back", "All the Pieces", "Make it Right", "I Stand Defeated", "Kiss My As", "Nuclear Babies", "I Can't Pretend" and "Elementary Physics".  THIS LP WAS LIMITED TO ONLY 300 COPIES AND IS PRETTY HARD TO FIND!!

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