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Oh Sees/Paul Cary- Split 7” - Stankhouse - Dead Beat Records

Oh Sees/Paul Cary- Split 7”

$ 7.50

Oh Sees/Paul Cary- Split 7”.  New from Thee Oh Sees - in the running with Dan Melchior for most releases in 2009... and most GOOD releases, too! They do an Iran (?) cover - very pretty slow-mo moves, and a Trio cover - "Coma" - which takes the near-heavy metal original and sprays it with SF Faerie Dust to make it totally OhSeesariffic! NICE! The emptiness remains.  The other side features Paul Cary, ex-Horrors (the good Horrors). Mr Cary provides some accoustic atmospheric stuff that's not embarrassing. Greg Cartwright produced something for the Horrors and I think something rubbed off on 'em in a good way. And "Goner" has trombone. Could that be Golden Boys Nathan? I love Nathan! I don't think it's Nathan. Still pretty good trombone! My boy Mal Sharpe plays trombone, too. I love Mal Sharpe! Is this a pattern? The other song, "Coyote" sounds kinda like Thin White Rope in a cave. Or something!

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