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Oh Ok - The Complete Reissue LP - HHBTM Records - Dead Beat Records

Oh Ok - The Complete Reissue LP

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Oh Ok - The Complete Reissue LP.  Oh-OK were a marginal footnote in the birth of American indie pop, being a group co-led by Lynda Stipe, the bass-playing sister of the singer in a rather more popular band, and featuring singer Linda Hopper, who would go on to form the likable alt-rockers Magnapop, and guitarist Matthew Sweet. Oh-Ok was only around for two years (1981-1983) and there were just two releases a 7" single and 12" EP, but their minimal, bass-driven party anthems still hold up today. "The Complete Reissue" compiles the debut "Mini" 7" EP & the "Furthermore What" 12" along with some live tracks and two songs that were from that same era but only just recently recorded. Where other Athens bands like the Method Actors and Pylon created tense music out of similar materials, Oh-OK's tunes are looser and more playful. The childlike "Lilting" spins an array of giddy puns about home perms over a rubbery rhythm akin to something the B-52's might do. ‘The Complete Reissue’ is a find for collectors of the fringes of American indie pop and a nice look back at the birth of the genre.

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