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Offenders– Anthology 1981-1985 CD - Just 4 Fun - Dead Beat Records

Offenders– Anthology 1981-1985 CD

$ 12.99

Offenders– Anthology 1981-1985 CD. What’s punk about Austin, Texas? Big Boys, best US punk band ever. Dicks, true legends. MDC originally called Austin home.… need I say more? Offenders, of course, also hailed from the capital of the Lone Star State. They ruled the underground in their time. Punks are not punk without a healthy dose of Offenders in their collections. Musically, Offenders are hard to beat, and this collection spans the tastiest period of the band’s history, with fresh Texas hardcore that ranges from MDC style punk mayhem to Minor Threat style neckbreakers to 7 Seconds style sing-alongs to Warzone style beatdowns without ever missing a step. The ‘hits’ fly by in quick succession, too: ‘I Hate Myself’, ‘When Push Comes To Shove’, ‘On the Crooked Edge’, ‘Fed Up’, ‘We Must Rebel’, ‘Youth Riot’, ‘Fight Back’.  Young 80's angst overdrive to the max! Contains material from: I Hate Myself 7", Endless Struggle LP and We Must Rebel LP.  Damn, this is a glorious Anthology!

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