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Oddczar- One Word LP - Bitter Melody - Dead Beat Records

Oddczar- One Word LP

$ 11.49

Oddczar- One Word LP.  This record is refreshing. It is nice to see a band blossom into such a powerful force. Oddczar is a melodic hardcore band from Charlotte, NC. One of NC's raddest new bands. Playing passionate screamo in the vein of Hot Cross, Taken, and Touche Amore, Oddczar don’t play it safe. The band takes hardcore and gives it a shake, twisting the genre into their own unique style. Their debut album ‘One Word’ is short and sweet but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. ‘Samsquanch’ opens the record, a fairly short taster of what’s to come: emotive roars, mid-paced but melodious rhythms and strong percussion. The infectious opening hooks of ‘Bud Brothers’ and title track ‘One Word’ lead into heavier tracks, particularly ‘Bud Brothers’ whose closing sections quickens in pace to then fade out, heading straight into the shortest track on the record ‘Sidesex,’ which boasts jagged guitars and powerful vocals.

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