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No Slogan- Aversion Therapy LP - residue - Dead Beat Records

No Slogan- Aversion Therapy LP

$ 11.49

No Slogan- Aversion Therapy LP. First full-length LP by the hardest hitting punk/hardcore band to come out of Chicago in almost a decade. This LP rips from classic mid-tempo punk to raging hardcore by spitting out dark words of alienation and pure head-spinning anger. Instant punk classics like “Capacity to Hate” and “Dead” have a pounding texture to the guitars and drums that make the tracks both catchy and powerful at the same time. Aversion Therapy is No Slogan’s strongest musical statement to date and captures the purest sound of abrasive, dark, and melodic hardcore-punk. Amazing and riveting cover artwork done by Chris Ilth (Functional Blackouts/Daily Void). LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!

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