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No Problem- Paranoid Times 7” - Handsome Dan - Dead Beat Records

No Problem- Paranoid Times 7”

$ 5.99
No Problem- Paranoid Times 7”

No Problem- Paranoid Times 7”.  NO PROBLEM are one of the newer bands to come out of Edmonton. Although they are new the band is made up of members who have all done time in previous bands like the WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES, LET’S DANCE and THRASHTIC FIBROSIS. All great bands in my ears. Instead of playing the high energy melodic hardcore that we are used to hearing from WNH or LET’S DANCE, NO PROBLEM has opted for a more punk sound in the vein of the REGULATIONS. Just some crushing 3 chord repetition with barked out lyrics creating some really catchy punk anthems. These guys are onto something here.  7” LIMITED TO 400 COPIES ON BLACK!!

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