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Nikki Sudden- Red Brocade CD ~EX SWELL MAPS! - Chatterbox - Dead Beat Records

Nikki Sudden- Red Brocade CD ~EX SWELL MAPS!

$ 11.99

Nikki Sudden- Red Brocade CD. This would definitely be one of my desert island discs, and I own several thousand albums. What does Nikki Sudden sound like? A bit like Robyn Hitchcock meets Ronnie Wood and Johnny Thunders in a dusty, grimy back alley. Tattered, battered, worn and weary, but triumphant and optimistic, and ready to get up and do it again the next day. Sweet, sad, sinceres songs that will move you, and uptempo rockers to groove you. A true classic.  Thunders/Heartbreakers fans will dig this one.  Nikki Sudden is a former member of the Swell Maps. 

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