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Nihislistics- Truth 7" - Transparent - Dead Beat Records

Nihislistics- Truth 7"

$ 6.50

Nihislistics- Truth 7".  Bassist Mike King graduated Lindenhurst High, guitarist Ajax Lepinski ran a studio n Bellmore, singer Ron Rancid was a Long Island Embalmer and drummer Dirty Dave was residing in a Suffolk County jail.   These are the beginnings of the Nihilistics.  The band formed in the early '80s, composing songs rife with overt themes of violent hatred, and their shows were terrifying displays of the same.  In the days when punk hadn't yet given birth to hardcore, the Nihilistics pushed the boundaries of “extreme” and had no problems garnering quite a bit of enemies along the way.  This is the last single that the band released and contains their signature wild and spiteful hardcore played fast, noisy & desperate.

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