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NIGHT BIRDS- Midnight Movies 7" ~EX ERGS - Grave Mistake - Dead Beat Records

NIGHT BIRDS- Midnight Movies 7" ~EX ERGS

$ 5.49

NIGHT BIRDS- Midnight Movies 7". Who'd a thought, something this good could come from such a terrible place such as the JERSEY SHORE? Believe it friends, NIGHT BIRDS are saving punk one release at a time. Their 1st 2 7"es were great, but this one takes the cake for sure. This is definately one of the best releases that Grave Mistake has put out. On side A you've got "Midnight Movies" a surfy punk tune that brings to mind ADOLESCENTS, AGENT ORANGE, and maybe DEAD KENNEDYS. A total hit from start to finish. You'll need a second to take a breath and flip it over to where you'll find 3 short, fast, catchy hardcore songs. All perfect in every way possible.

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